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This herbal tea is absolutely ideal if you want to detox your body and adjust the acid-base balance,

For your body to work properly the blood needs a balanced level of acids and basic compounds. Usually your lungs and kidneys are doing this but sometimes there can be an imbalance. Mostly because we do not eat the right food our body needs.

This herbal mixture can help your body to detox and get your body's acid-base balance back on track.
It can be supporting while fastening or when you detox your body in general. Please do not forget to drink plenty of water as well to help your body .

Medical advice:
If you are on medication or have problems with your kidneys please speak to your GP or non-medical practicioner/homoepath before you consume this tea!
Although it is "only" a herbal infusion, you should know that herbs and plants definitely do have an impact on your body functions which may help but are also contraindicated in underlying medical conditions or with certain drugs.
If you are usually healthy, there should not be any problems.

Drink one cup two or three times a day. Also have two or three litres of water during the day. Drink the tea on a daily base for 3 or 4 weeks. Do not extend the four weeks! If you experience any issues while you are drinking this tea or you feel unwell, stop immediately and see you GP.


Allergens none
Ingredients orange peels, rooibos, carrot bits, vervain, nettle leaves, green tea China Sencha, aniseed, fennel, caraway, beetroot bits, spinach flakes, blackthorn blossoms
Steeping Guideline
Quantity of Tea 1-2 tsp, 4-6 per litre
Water Temperature 100 °C boiling hot water, cover up with a saucer or lid
Steeping Time 5 mins

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