Detox Slimming Tea

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Feeling bloated? Want to shed a few pounds? Then this herbal blend might be a good choice.

The active ingredients of this organic herbal infusion will help to boost your metabolism and - together with a healthy diet and activity - it can support you while on a diet.

DE-ÖKO-039 EU/Non-EU Agriculture


Ingredients green tea China Chun Mee*, mate green*, ginger*, nettle*, natural flavouring, White tea Pai Mu tan*, green tea Darjeeling oP*, China oolong*, tulsi*, dandelion*, green rooibos*, blackberry leaves*, rose petals*. *Certifed organic
Steeping Guideline
Quantity of Tea 1-2 tsp per cup, 5-6 per litre
Water Temperature 100°C boiling hot water
Steeping Time 7-10 mins

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