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with pear peach taste

You want to get rid of a few pounds but are struggling with that nagging hungry feeling all the time?
Good news, as this tea might help you!

Black and green tea both contain caffeine which in itself gives your metabolism a kick, but some of the other ingredients of this tea will help you while on a diet:

Mate is a herb, very popular in South America as a cold drink. It helps you to suppress your appetite.
Nettle leaves help to get rid of excessive fluids.
Manna might be heavenly, but in this case it is from a tree, the manna ash also called fraxinus ornus. The sugary extract from the sap contains mannitol which is used as a sweetener for diabetics as it does not influence insulin production. It also has a mild laxative effect.
Guarana seeds are also said to minimise hunger feelings.

This tea is not a miracle cure which makes you loose weight! Such teas do not exist. But in combination with a healthy diet and exercise it might help you to achieve your weight loss.


Allergens none
Ingredients black tea, green tea, flavour, mate green, nettle leaves, manna bits, sunflower blossoms, red currants, vitamin C, guarana seeds, blackthorn blossoms
Steeping Guideline
Quantity of Tea 1 tsp per cup, 4-5 per litre
Water Temperature 100°C boiling hot water
Steeping Time 3 minutes

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