Healthy Treasure

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Healthy Treasure - a women's wellness tea

May support the female body during PMS, periods and menopause.

The female body is a delicate composition and can easily get out of balance. There are times when we are more vulnerable, usually every month but also during the menopause.
Sometimes we do not feel like our usual selves. If we start listening to what our body is telling us, it will ease some of the problems we are facing during these times.
Taking time to ourselves. getting more of that well deserved "Me Time" would be the right thing to do.

This tea might support you during these times as it has a lot of ingredients which can be beneficial to the female organism.

contains caffeine (mate green)

some of the ingredients like e.g. St John's wort can have an effect on other treatments (e.g. cancer treatments). Please ask your GP or your nurse before drinking tea which has St. John's Wort as ingredient.


Allergens none
Ingredients alchemilla, whitethorn leaves, aniseed, raspberry leaves, rose hip peels, lemon balm leaves, motherwort herb, sage leaves, yarrow herb, fennel, caraway, cinnamon, mate green, natural flavour, cardamon, St John's wort, black pepper, mallow blossoms
Steeping Guideline
Quantity of Tea 1-2 teaspoons per cup
Water Temperature 100°C boiling hot water
Steeping Time 8-10 minutes, cover your cup with a lid or a saucer so that the essential oils do not evaporate

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