En Shi Yu Lu

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 En Shi Yu Lu

We are delighted to bring to you another rare Chinese tea - En Shi Yu Lu.

This is a steamed tea that resembles very much to Japanese green teas. This Chinese green tea is also very rich in selenium, a mineral that is said to be helpful  to prevent cancer, cataract, heart disease, growth disorders and many more. The tea is also sometimes referred to as Chinese Gyokuro.

The tea is steamed and has a slightly rolled and deep green leaf. Its taste can compete with Japanese Gyokuros.

Enshi Yulu is also called En Shi Green Dew or En Shi Jade Dew due to its colour.

We bought this tea as certified organic from our supplier. However, until we are certified ourselves, we are not allowed to market and sell it as organic. Thank you for your understanding


Allergens none
Country of Origin China
Ingredients green tea
Steeping Guideline
Quantity of Tea 1 teaspoon per cup, not heaped, less is better
Water Temperature 60-70°C hot water, not boiling
Steeping Time 2-3 minutes

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