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 fennel tea

Fennel is an aromatic herb, full of flavours, which is used for cooking but also for medicinal purposes.
The taste and the scent remind a bit of anisseed and it is also one of the main ingredients for absinthe.

As a medicinal cure fennel tea is often used for upset stomachs but also to reduce flatulences or colic.
It may also be used for babies, who suffer from colics (talk to your GP first).
It is also used as an diuretic and might help with hypertension.

To prepare the tea it is essential that you crush the seeds first of all e.g. with a rolling pin or an empty bottle. This way the seeds will release the essential oils.

During the steeping time we recommend that you cover up your mug with a saucer or use one of our herbal tea mugs. This way the essential oils will not evaporate but stay in the tea.

We bought this tea as certified organic from our supplier. However, until we are certified ourselves, we are not allowed to market and sell it as organic. Thank you for your understanding


Allergens none
Ingredients fennel seeds
Steeping Guideline
Quantity of Tea 1 tbs per cup.
Water Temperature 100 °C
Steeping Time 5-8 minutes.Crush the seeds with e.g. a rolling pin and cover the cup with a saucer while steeping

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