Pu Erh

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China Pu Erh

Pu Erh is a special fermented tea from the Chinese province of Yunnan.  This so called "dark tea" has a long tradition in China. 

The recommended water temperature is around 95 °C for lower quality pu'erhs and 85–89 °C for better qualities, which are ripened and aged. The steeping time can be a bit difficult as they say you should steep it for 12 to 30 seconds in the first few infusions, and then increase the time to 2 to 10 minutes in the last infusions.

If you steep it too long, you will get a dark, bitter and somewhat unpleasant cup of tea. We suggest you try it out for yourself so that you can enjoy this fantastic tea to your taste.

We bought this tea as certified organic from our supplier. However, until we are certified ourselves, we are not allowed to market and sell it as organic. Thank you for your understanding



Allergens none
Steeping Guideline
Quantity of Tea 1 tsp per cup, 4-5 per litre
Water Temperature 85-95°C
Steeping Time 1-3 minutes

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